Also known as a virtual machine, a VPS is equivalent to having your own independent server in many ways, although you are sharing the physical server with several other users.
We have combined the Citrix XenServer enterprise-level virtualization technology with a cluster of powerful Dell Poweredge servers to provide our customers with the most powerful and reliable Virtual Machines platform available in Costa Rica.

Virtual Machine Features

  • Instant Server Provisioning
    For more speed we use solid-state drives on all our web hosting plans.
  • SSD drives for all plans
    SSD drives offer faster read and write operations while using less power.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Our OpenStack cluster offers enhanced performance and scalability.
  • Hardened Security
    Network Security includes dDOS Protection and advanced firewalls.
  • The most stable platform in Costa Rica
    Our team performs all required maintenance along with automated monitoring and daily backup.
  • Carbon Neutral Hosting
    Costa Rica gets 90% of its energy from renewable sources combined with energy-efficient equipment we're able to offset your server's carbon footprint.

Choose your VPS Level:

  • RAM :
    1 GB
    2 GB
    3 GB
    4 GB
  • Storage :
    10 GB
    20 GB
    30 GB
    40 GB
  • vCPU :
    1 core
    1 core
    2 cores
    2 cores 
  • IP's :
    1 IPv4 + IPv6 /80
    1 IPv4 + IPv6 /80
    1 IPv4 + IPv6 /80
    1 IPv4 + IPv6 /80
  • Uplink :
    100 Mbps
    100 Mbps
    100 Mbps
    100 Mbps
  • OS :
    Linux or Windows

NO Setup Fees

Monthly Hosting starting at $16.99 USD

Special Discounts:
10% Discount for 6 Month Contract
20% Discount for 12 Month Contract